Monday, June 12, 2006

ABCs of Me--I got tagged!

Wren tagged me with this meme.

Accent: Who me? I have a ya'll that slips in every now and then, but if the news anchors talk like me I figure I have no accent.
Best personality trait: I hear I have a good sense of humor, but everyone thinks they do and few really do.
Chore I hate: Cleaning the shower.
Dad's name: Lynn
Essential make-up/skin care products: Eyeliner.
Favorite perfume/cologne: soap
Gold or silver?: Silver.
Hometown: Not telling, but I call it "the 'boro."
Interesting fact: I have no desire to own a dog or cat...ever.
Job title: Mom but I'm working on the title "Freelance Writer"
Kids: Three.
Living arrangements: Husband, kids and fish.
Mom's birthplace: Missouori
Number of apples eaten in the last week: None. But I may have had a couple slices.
Overnight hospital stays: None.
Phobia: Public speaking. Finals.
Question you ask yourself a lot: Am I good enough?
Religion: Christian
Siblings: 2 sisters.
Time I wake up: Around 7:15 AM.
Unnatural hair color: Only once, never again. Orange doesn't look good on me.
Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: Green peppers.
Worst habit: Talking too much and too opinionatedly.
X-rays?: Only dental.
Yummy food I make: Chocolate Cheesecake.
Zaniest trait: My adherence to homebirth.

I tag Julie C.


Julie Carobini said...

2 days in a row. It's like I know you....

Chaos-Jamie said...

yeah, everything you never wanted to know about Jamie.....