Monday, July 24, 2006

Children's Books

I have a new favorite publisher. I've been a fan of Blue Sky Press for a while and there are a couple other houses that produce some good books. But I just have to tell ya, Harcourt puts out some really great children's books.

Twice now I've agreed to review books for them (4 total). The description looks average, but when the book arrives it is a new favorite. You might remember me raving about Adam Rex's Tree Ring Circus a while back. We still love it. And last week we got two more.

Who Hops? would be great fun even if it weren't in parallel (Spanish) and the dual languages just make it a fun learning tool on top of a fun read.

Baby Bear's Books is another one of those wonderful, rhythmic, soothing bedtime and anytime books that will stay on my shelf for my grandkids. I love it.

Unfortunately, the last time I checked, Harcourt is closed to unsolicited submissions, but if I ever get my tail in gear and get to a children's writer's conference, I am seeking them out. They put out some quality stuff.

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April Erwin said...

Jane Yolen is a very talented writer. I loved her 'How do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight' and her Young Adult novel Briar Rose is excellent too. I'm looking forward to reading this new one. I love children's books.