Wednesday, July 19, 2006

"A Sensual Dining Experience"

1. Take a restaurant named Korma Sutra
2. Add four girlfriends
3. Waters
4. Complimentary mango juice and rice for the kids
5. Some kind of fried veggie puff
6. Four sauces and grain wafers thinner than tortillas chips to dip in said sauce
7. Allow time to pass while girlfriends nosh on snackie things (say, half an hour)
8. Then and only then bring menus
9. Bring complimentary mango juice for adults.
10. Massive quantities of food arrive
11. Just when we are ready to roll ourselves to the altar of overeating bring limes, warm water, a basin and a towel to wash hands
12. Bring rice pudding
13. Bring ice cream

Seriously, I wondered what the bill would look like when we checked out because they just kept bringing food and we'd ask one another, "Did you order this?" But though the menu said our dinners included rice, it said nothing about all those other things they fed us...Which were fabulous. But nope, they threw them all in. I guess when their slogan is "A Sensual Dining Experience" they really mean it.

The sense of taste anyway.


kpjara said...



Chilihead2 said...

That sounds fabulous. So we won't be seeing it here. ;)

Chaos-Jamie said...

We could always have our next Midwest Bloggers meeting there. We know they won't be kicking us out the door!

April Erwin said...

Mmm, sounds delish. Indian food? Mango Lahsi's are the closest thing to heaven you can drink. :)