Sunday, July 30, 2006

I Like Manga!

Okay, not even three months ago I was in awe to find that my local Waldenbooks had been taken over by something called Manga. What on earth? Racks and racks of what my husband and I fondly call "Weird Japanese animation," primarily because his little brother likes to watch said weird Japanese animation, in book form. I made a comment, as I often do when I don't know what I'm talking about, about not believing it could be so popular as to replace actual books (I'm talking half the store) and have huge (not kidding) manga release parties. Apparently our Walden is the city's premier manga site or something. Not sure. But man...

So, anyway, when I got an email that asked if I'd like to look at some new manga coming out I was just curious enough to say yes.

Can I just tell you they sent four books and I read them in one setting? They were so fun! It is like the old Archie comics with kick. Blue haired kick. And it does some of the same weird body shrinking, fang sharpening things that the animation does.

And I got so excited when I saw that the little bookstore in my hometown had the fifth book available. Me!

I know!

Anyway, if you are interested, go check out my review on Armchair under "Graphic Novel" in a couple days.

And skeptical parents, you can trust Serenity to not teach your kids bad things. Serenity does bad things, but she reaps the consequences, boy howdy.

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Robin said...

I'm always learning something new in the of the many reasons I "live" here sometimes.