Sunday, July 16, 2006

Men and Tank Tops

According to my husband, grown men have no business wearing tank tops. Apparently the age cut-off is 20. Through high school, when they are playing sports most of the time and weight lifting the rest of the time, it is okay. Besides, they need to show off their muscles to the girls who come to watch the guys sweat (why is that again?).

I never knew he had these feelings. Ten years and you can still find out something new about each other.

I had to verify that it was okay for Eldest to wear tank tops, considering he always does. According to Hubs it is cute on kids, but when men start to get hairy, it's all over.

He has a point.

He also pointed out that men often get fat under their arms and "we just don't need to see that."

Again, point made.

And men don't shave their pits. This was pointed out when I questioned whether it was okay for me to wear sleeveless. Yes, as a matter of fact it is. According the the expert across the table, women can wear sleeveless to black tie (strapless, even). Men?

"There ya go."

How do ya'll feel about this highly controversial topic?


kpjara said...

My husband wouldn't think of wearing sleeveless unless He was plaing basketball or at a beach. He even wears "sleeved" t-shirts to mow the lawn in our 105 degree weather.

While I see AND appreciate the merits of men covering the remaining hair I am at an age now where COMFORT IS KING! If it's over 100 degrees, wear whatever you can to stay cool.

My only exception is speedos on anyone over 10...Unless you're an olympic swimmer, stick to the trunks! I don't want or need to see anyone that well.

We have this man on our block who is well over 60, who mows shirtless in a speedo and he's no George Hamilton...try George Castanza!

kpjara said...

Are you feeling better?

Chaos-Jamie said...

I do feel better. Thanks. I saw the chiropractor again today. I'm still sore, but I hope to be able to truthfully tell him I have no pain by Friday. I simple can't afford to see him all the time.

Unknown said...
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