Wednesday, September 13, 2006

And tonight?

Well, we'd driven across four states to hear nothing. We stopped for dinner at a Subway in Boondocks, Nowhere and noticed that their marquee read "It's a Boy!"

We took a photo, just in case it was a message from God. We certainly had no messages from our social worker, nor our attorney.

Two hours later we finally heard our phone ring, and what did he say? "Haven't heard anything. Why don't you get a room on the north side of XXXX and I'll call you when I hear something."

We didn't want a room on the north side of XXXX. We wanted to go peek in a nursery window!

We went to bed exhausted and I slept for the first time in the three weeks since I got "the call."

On what should have been one anxious night, I got pure unadulterated peace.

Regardless of the phone call we didn't receive the next morning.

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kpjara said...

Thank you for this story snippet...and the 'other' me is like...HEY...don't stop!