Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Rather Slow Adjustment

I think the kids and I are starting to adjust to this new life. I don't think any of us really enjoy it, but I'll take adjusted over the alternative.

I adjusted to a new book today also. I just finished a contemporary UK novel, The Undomestic Goddess, which was good, but for some reason I couldn't cross myself over and get into it. Considering I loved her Can You Keep A Secret, but didn't really care for Shopaholic Gets Married, I'd say I like Ms. Sophie Kinsella but I'll keep letting the library buy her for me. Regardless, I went straight from that to Something Light which was written in 1960. Also a UK novel. Quite cleaner. But it began so....slowly. Although I don't really mean slowly. I mean I just couldn't figure out why my friend recommended it to me. Why my friend reads almost exclusively books written in the 60s.

I know people who read contemporary. I know people who read classics. I know people who read historicals. I read them all. But I have to say that books written in the early to mid 1900s I have a really hard time with. I expect them to be contemporary enough that I don't have to use much gray matter, but they aren't. It is almost like reading a translation of something from the earlier centuries. Who knew that 40 years could make such a difference?

And, I'm not adjusting to pregnancy. I don't know what is up. I don't know why my body is not behaving in predictable ways. I don't know why nothing sounds good to me even though I'm in my second trimester. I don't know why I'm still not gaining weight, but I can't fit my clothes. I'm still mad at my "insurance" and I have no idea who is going to deliver this baby besides myself. I find that pretty hard to adjust to. Right now I am seriously considering a midwife who practices three hours from my home. Tell me I'm insane. I know it is true. But I'm failing to see a better alternative.

Anyway, I'm now wondering how my dear heroine will end up with a happy ending so I'm going off to finish Something Light. Because even if the adjustment has been slow, I've made it.

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Angi said...

Be careful with the 3 hours away. I used a midwife practice who delivered at their birthing center for my 3rd child. I was only in labor 45 minutes till the tyke came tumbling out. If the midwife had to drive that far to get to you, she may end up missing the event, 3rd babies seem to come out quick (my sister's 3rd was delivered at home by her husband - labor only 30 minutes.) Hate for you to have to pay her anyways . . . .