Monday, January 14, 2008


or otherwise titled: All I Never Wanted to Know About Refrigerators

I bought a new fridge today. Mine went on the fritz last Wednesday. I was in denial until yesterday when I could no longer refute the fact that no matter how cold I turned the dial, the ice won't freeze, I can store Pepsi in the freezer and it isn't an ice cube and the milk in the fridge compartment is not much better than cool.

Yes, I could call the serviceman, but this fridge has outlived my expectations by three and a half years. And he costs $75 no matter whether he can fix it or not.

So. I bought a fridge. I have spent two days looking at fridges. I have learned options that fridges have that I didn't even know I needed. I bought a fridge based on some of those options. I bought a fridge based on some consumer reports stuff. I bought a fridge based on my budget. I drove all over the stinking city trying to get the best deal. I finally decided I got a good deal.

Two hours later, I got some severe anxiety that I didn't get the best deal. Because if Hubs had gone, he would have bartered like a maniac to get the absolute best deal NO MATTER WHAT.

One must wonder why he sent me.

I don't barter.

I drive all over the city to make sure I pay the least MARKED price. I did that. By $125. And I got free next day delivery (I bartered that).

I'm sure we are talking a $50 difference. Hubs can freelance himself out by the hour for more than he would have been able to barter the guy down (which is why I went alone today) but still...

Do you barter? Do you fret about not bartering hard enough? Are you a bartering weakling? Do you want a fritzed out fridge? Do you buy bells and whistles you didn't know you wanted or needed but two days later you don't think you can live without? Would you regret not buying the bells if you think you will regret it more if you do pay for them? Do you think that retailers are in a conspiracy that none of them carry the exact same of anything so you can't compare apples to apples?

This, my friends, is why I shop clearance racks for clothes. I have buyers remorse when I bring home GUM.


the lizness said...

I'm not so good with the bartering, but I hear you on the buyer's remorse. So I just try to get the best deal on what I KNOW about, like clothes, stuff like that, so the stuff I'm not sure about, ie appliances, I won't feel so suckered because I saved so much before.

You should practice this by going and buying a new pair of shoes :) I KID

Chaos-Jamie said...

My kinda girl!

mommy4life said...

I HATE bartering! Even when hubby is with me and he is bartering, I usually undermine him, because I am embarrassed. By what??? I have no clue. I guess I just feel like these salesmen don't have the power to change things - which is what they want you to believe.....

I am all about the buyer's remorse too, but on the other hand, hoping the dishwasher and oven give out soon, so I can justify upgrades....(not at the same time....)

MotherT said...

I'm all about bartering!!! My dad was absolutely the BEST at this, and I watched him in action at stores, yardsales, flea markets, you name it!!! I feel NO remorse, and, as a matter of fact, if I'm at a flea market, I won't deal with someone who won't bargain with me!