Friday, January 18, 2008

I Had a Great Post Planned...

but I forgot it somewhere in the fever Charming had that caused him to be so fussy that if he was awake, he had to be on my hip. So here goes some randomosity. Good for a Friday, I guess.

Speaking of Charming on my hip: the little pill thinks he is a dictator. It isn't enough that he must be on my hip all day, no, he must be on my left hip (because I trained him that way) held with my left arm holding up his lead bottom. If I dare brace my left arm with my right hand, he casts it off. If I don't obey the direction of his pushy little hand, he pushes harder and then emits a wait of discontent. One handed holding only, Mommy.

Again with Charming: my house is set up in such a way that you can't gate off the stairs very well. However we have a lot of stairs. That Charming likes to go up, but doesn't yet know how to get down (safely). So Hubs built a fence that was awesome until about 30 minutes ago. When my sneaky little 10 month old thwarted the fence by climbing UNDER the hall cabinet, BETWEEN the legs and AROUND the fence, from the back of the cabinet. Sigh. Such determination. I fear for me when he is 2...and four and sixteen.

I did a radical (for me) thing last week. I removed all of my back up jeans that I hate from my closet. I have the jeans I wear (that (check this!) are too big (spandex is a wonderful thing)) and the back up jeans. And up until last week, I had the back up back up jeans, and the back up back up back up jeans. Because you never know when you'll need 43 pair of faded jeans left over from the 90s with ratty hems and tapered legs. Because you might get pregnant and need that pair that is a little loose, or you might lose weight and need that pair that is a little tight. OR, you could go to Kohl's and pick up a pair of Sonomas for $15, that, though they are mom jeans and not too trendy, they don't scream, "Call 'What Not to Wear' Immediately!" (Unless one of you would call them for me. I'd model my 90s jeans to get that $5000 shopping spree.)

FYI, I haven't missed my jeans once yet. I'm not even sure I've cracked out the back up jeans, even.

Speaking of jeans: I bought Eldest a pair of Tony Hawk jeans at the aforementioned Kohl's. They have stovepipe legs and are that dirty brownish-bluish-blackish color that is in....or was in. I AM 32. Hubs asked if the jeans were supposed to be that color. And then he decided he is also decidedly old...even though he is only 31.

Oh, and HELLO! Target has tons of stuff marked down 75% today. If you are in to that kind of thing. Nothing like spending money to save money.

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