Tuesday, January 01, 2008


I don't make 'em.

But if I had, not yelling at my kids in the morning would have been on there.

And it would have already been broken.

But until someone helps me with the laundry and dishes and cooking, no one is allowed to complain and look pathetic because his favorite shirt is wet (and CLEAN) in the washer. Patheticism and and complaints once, maybe. I was very understanding for a good 15 minutes, but when he still just followed me around and supervised the laundry folding without helping all while looking dejected...didn't go over well.

Insert mom lecture number 14 which goes something like: I am only one person, yet I do laundry for six. I am only one person, yet I cook for six. I am only one person, and I do dishes for six. YOU went to a party last night while I stayed home so don't you DARE gripe at me about your airplane shirt!

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meg duerksen said...

amen sister!

you are preaching to the choir!
craig chose to mention my personal laundry that had stacked up ...on christmas eve...big mistake. i lost it.

we can't do it all. but we put a crazy pressure on ourselves that we could. that's why we have kids. get those babies workin'.

love your blog. good to hear from you!
love you jamie.