Sunday, January 20, 2008

I Guess He Likes Me

I had to speak in church today. Just a little thing. But I had to attend both services. And since Charming fell asleep during first service and slept through the overlap I kept him in the nursery for both services (sort of, he was also with me a good portion of both services). And then I came home to drop him off with his Daddy (who only stayed through the first service with the kids) so that I could pop over to Your Other Kitchen and get some meals in the freezer.

Moment of silence for the gloriousness that it is to do that and eat off of it for better than two weeks without doing dishes.

Charming has literally been attached since I got home. Okay, not literally. He is now in his bed snuffling after a very traumatic cry following the attachment until sleep could no longer be avoided and waking to mommy slipping out of the room.

I keep telling him that a lot of mommies leave their babies for many hours every day, but it isn't taking. He thinks he is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

One of us is suffering, anyway.

Oh, and the reason I spoke in church today? Pro-Life Sunday. You gotta see this video (click on "Everything to Me"). I nearly made it to the end without dripping tears, but when they handed that baby over....I got all sloppy.


Angi said...

Thanks for the link, loved the video.

mommy4life said...

The one day I chose to wear mascara...

I didn't make it thru without shedding some tears...