Saturday, January 12, 2008

Who's Sensitive?

Today my first graders had their first basketball game.

If it wasn't enough of an issue that we (I) couldn't find Eldest's basketball shorts or Princess's t-shirt, I also forgot the video AND still cameras. And even then all could have been right with the world if...

Nah, it was still fine. But the kids play basketball through the Upward program (which is an awesome, Christian, non-compete league). And it's flashy.

Eldest hates flashy.

The moment they turned out the lights, turned on the spazzy ball thingie and cranked up the music, Chaos-Mama started the water works.

Hubs claims it was my imagination when I heard Eldest start to cry.


But I cried for him through the flashy intro. And then I cried for him while he played. And I cried when the kid passed him the ball because he was crying.

This is why we put him in basketball. Christian, Non-compete. To get him trying.

How hard it is.

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