Wednesday, May 14, 2008

You Know You're a Mom When

You think going to your annual physical is rather like a mini-vacation.

And you take great joy out of answering the nurse's question about the last time Aunt Flo visited with, "June....2006" just to see the shocked look on her face (before you let her in on the nursing baby that may never wean story).

I scheduled it for 7:40 AM so I could go alone. (I desperately missed the morning routine around home...NOT.) I was in the office and visiting with the Dr. by 7:35 (he's ahead of schedule in the AM, I guess) and prodded and scraped, out the door and on the highway rocking out to the radio by 8:06.

I got home feeling like I had DONE SOMETHING.

Yes, I do realize how very sad that is.

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Rhea said...

ROFL I totally know what you mean (although I'm not a nursing mom currently). I just had my annual too...I feel slightly violated but overall glad I did it and a sense of accomplishment. lol