Monday, August 25, 2008

Apparently I Have A Cat

My kids spotted a cat in my lilies late last week. I assured them that it was one of the neighbors dumb cats and would go home soon. They assured me that it was living under our porch and had adopted us. I assured them that they were quite mistaken. Daddy would never let us feed it and it would move on. Besides, someone was probably missing it. They assured me that there was not collar on the cat and it needed us.

Enter Hub's mom who cannot let a cat go hungry, eldest son's protests be darned. Next thing we know, she's feeding the cat my leftover roast.

In-laws go home, kids take up cat feeding duties.

There goes my roast, my crackers and my homemade cookies.

I asked Hubs what I was supposed to do now. I can't have all my groceries going down the gullet of the cat. He humphed.

I bought cat food.

I take no blame. And he would never blame his mother.

The kids are elated.


mommy4life said...

Now all it needs is a name...

Gullet sounds good, or sucker...

Anonymous said...

The cat eats crackers and cookies?


Chaos-Jamie said...

I suppose a starving cat isn't too picky because yes, it eats anything we put out there. And no, it isn't a raccoon.

It eats the cheap store brand cat food. You can't tell me my cookies are worse than that on the pallet.

Julie Carobini said...

We've got an adopted cat too. It's the neighbor's, but likes us better for some strange reason, like, we feed and talk to it. Anyway, keeps me from having to actually get a real one ;)