Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I Don't Dare Ask

"What else could go wrong?"

Famous last words that I refuse to ask.

I nearly made it to my dentist's office when I heard the "vrrr-eeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEE!!!!!" and said, "That can't be good."

I limped my van the four blocks to his office and went in for my cleaning.

I came out to a pool (not puddle, pool) of green running out of my van. Yes, my coolant was, unfortunately, empty. I imposed upon my FIL's relationship with my dentist to get him to play dad for me while Hubs called the shop. Step-FIL filled my radiator with water which immediately began to run out of my van. I hopped in and tried to drive away.

Didn't get far because by then my van was also saying, "grrrrrr-squeeeeeeEEEEE!!!!!-bwompbwomp!"

But in "All things work together for good" fashion, the tow guy came quickly and took me to the auto shop which is seven to ten blocks from my sister's house where my children were staying. I had a cooler in the back that is on wheels with a pull thingy so I strapped the car seat to that and walked to her house in 100 degree heat and didn't have to wait for the train which was blessedly short and she was able to bring us all home.

Yes, I'm exasperated, but what do you do?

I also discovered I don't mind walking in heat a bit if I don't have to push a stroller or hear that incessant whining about how hot the kids are. Must come from all of those years when I didn't have cable and played outside all summer.


Anonymous said...

BTW, MotH said (after issuing his standard disclaimer: it's impossible to diagnose a car problem without actually seeing the car, despite how realistic my sound effect may be....and I did a really good job imitating the same sound you described) that it's probably the water pump.

OneWritingMomma said...

Lets hope that since August seems to be doomed as well, that MAYBE you can have a September that doesn't require shelling out for crap that needs to stop falling apart!

Kim said...

Hope it didn't cost you an arm and a leg to get it fixed. This is what my car sounded like before Christmas last year when I was trying to go across town to pick up my son from school. It was not fun. Ended up having a big hole in the hose going to/from the radiator and it cost over $300!

Glad that you were able to get help when help was needed.