Monday, August 04, 2008

Margarita or Kudos, whatever works

After a decent start, my day went downhill fast. My kids have been home, oh, three days.

My house is trashed.

My kids have entitlement issues.

My kids aren't fixed contrary to promises made by a certain Popin.

So when I suggested that if they need money so badly (because they need toys so badly (because they need one more thing to NOT take care of)) that maybe they could help out around the house.

(We have an hourly rate to do whatever mom says to do.)

They didn't agree that this is a good proposition.

So I made another. How about Mommy lectures said children about gratefulness, VERY. LOUD.

Mama needed a margarita. Or a pitcher of them. Or some midol, maybe.

Or some words of affirmation. Which lifted my mood back up to the "bubbly" point on the scale.

Who needs a clean house when you've got someone out there in the ether of the internet to send you good news?

That and Eldest decided that maybe I had a point and helped restore one floor of my house to the status quo.

He even did a few windows.


Anonymous said...

If he does windows, I may not give him back.

Chaos-Jamie said...

Put him to work, Sweetheart. I have no doubt that he'd jump to for you.

You are, after all, someone else's mom and therefore way cooler than I'll ever be.

Kim said...

Can you send him over here? You sound like you had the day that I had a couple of days ago. Glad you got him to help out.