Wednesday, August 20, 2008

An Essence of Rot

Usually when something's rotten in the State of Chaos it is the trash and someone's (not naming any names) stinky diapers. Or at the very least last night's dinner.

And when it continues after I've scrubbed the trash can, the culprit is the potatoes.

Shew, those are nasty when they rot.

But no. My house reeks of rot. I've checked in most of the crevices. Not all, I know because I have yet to find the rot. The potatoes are all clear. The trash can is only typically stinky. I've bleached all the towels and the sink and the garbage disposal.

I just know I'm going to find a moldy watermelon rind here any moment.

It would help if I could zero in on exactly where the stench is coming from.

E-gad, I'm sorry.

Pregnant people avoid my house at all costs.


Anonymous said...

I'll lend you Tia. She'll scope it out in seconds.

I must say, that was an awful lot of trouble to go to (the post) just to tell me I'm not invited to your house.

Chaos-Jamie said...

I try to be really careful of your feelings, IM.