Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Big Picture

This summer I've gotten to do a lot of fun reading and one series I've especially enjoyed is Jenny B. Jones' Katie Parker series. I got hold of the third book in the series, The Big Picture, a couple weeks ago and I have to say it is probably the best one yet. (You never know with series, ya know?)

This series is YA which probably says a little too much about my mentality, but I love to get into the heads of teens. Jenny really seems to have the pulse of teens, too. This is Christian YA, but she still drops topics in that are often taboo. But what to teen girls think about? The size of their chest. Guys. Kissing. Girl rivalries. Underwear. Or if you are Katie, your druggie mom that just reclaimed custody. Poor Katie. Made me want to do foster care. And though Katie makes her share of mistakes, she also has her share of repentance.

If you have a teen, or if you, like me enjoy YA, I encourage you to get hold of a copy. If not at Amazon, at your local library.

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