Friday, August 08, 2008

Mama's On A Rampage

I'd say that my kids are driving me to distraction this morning, except the poor dears never had a chance.

They are doing all the "right" things. Eldest got up uber-early, but played "quietly" in his room with the door shut. That being the problem as every stinkin' time he went in or out we all had to hear scrrrr-clunK because our foundation settled and none of out doors close quietly.

A moment of appreciation for those who own a new home.

The thing is, as long as Charming is going to believe he needs to be touching me in order to sleep well, preferably sucking on his living pacifier, no one will win.

And what kind of mother buys her kids sugared cereal and then snaps at them for only wanting to eat that until it is gone?

This is why I don't buy the stuff!

I blame the box top bureaucracy for my moment of insanity at the grocery store.

Frodo is doing dishes. Why is this annoying? I don't know. Except he's washing the dishes that could go in the washer and is "tired of washing dishes" once he's down to the nasty ones I have to do by hand.

I will be nice, I will be nice, I will be nice.

I know they learn by doing, but for once I'd like "help" to actually mean "help."

BUT, since I began this post, I've had coffee, a nice morning walk, caught caterpillars and enjoyed my kids. So I suppose even surly mornings can be recovered to make for good days. And I'm going to post this anyway to remind myself and hopefully encourage someone else.

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