Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Of Steel Rods and Toothpicks

You might wonder what steel rods and toothpicks have in common. Well I intend to tell you.

They've both been jammed into my foot in the last 24 hours.

The steel rod is 9/10 buried in my side yard and the color of dirt. I came down on it full force on the arch of my left foot.

I groaned and gasped and whimpered and have since hobbled.

Until today. I unexpectedly walked around the corner, into my kitchen and somehow jammed a toothpick a centimeter into the ball of my right foot.

Broke the toothpick.

Couldn't get the other half out of my foot.

Really freaked out my kids.

I think Frodo is having nightmares about it. All day long, he shuddered at the mention of "toothpicks."

Me to. My whole foot aches. My toes ache. Makes the bruise on my left foot seem trivial.

Currently glad I had that tetanus shot last year.


An hour ago, my neighbor that I've not met came over looking for her son. The last time he went missing he was in my back yard. I wondered about the woman who would let her kid play somewhere she didn't know the adults. I know WE did it when we were kids, but that was then and this is now, right? Too many weirdos. Turned out she didn't know he was over and was frantically searching for him. Oops. Now when he shows up, he has to play in the front yard. On the flip side of that, she did come to our house today when he disappeared. Maybe she does know where he is when I don't know if she knows.

I freaked out. We've had LOTS of strangers around lately with all the new roofs going up. Lots of utility vans. A kid could go missing. Eventually even Hubs got concerned enough to go looking.

Turns out he was hiding.

For more than an HOUR.

If one of my kids pulled that gig, oh man...

In the words of Wot (Walt??) of A Night's Tale: Pain! Lots of pain!

No sugar! No TV! No fun! No friends!I don't think they'd be allowed out of my line of sight for months. Pain! Lots of Pain!

Kinda like my feet.


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Two things, I gotta know if the other half is out. Also, puncture wounds are the most likley wound to get infected. Keep an eye on it, and you know the signs of infection. Get seen if you see them. Also maybe some steel toed boots should be in your future. They are good at causing pain if one of your kids goes into hiding.

Anonymous said...

Wear shoes.

Okay, I don't wear them either, but then I didn't sustain two injuries within a day! At least until you heal.

I think I mentioned this once, but a girlfriend's daughter (she was four at the time) went missing. They looked EVERYWHERE. The cops were called. Neighbors helped search.

She was finally found behind her father's desk. She had taken a piece of candy her mom said she couldn't have, then hidden so she could enjoy it. Didn't answer the calls of frantic friends and family because then she would have been "caught".

Almost enough to make you consider a house arrest anklet so you can track 'em down.

mommy4life said...