Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Did You Know?

The juice of 18 pounds of oranges fill approximately three quarters of a gallon pitcher.

No wonder OJ has gotten so expensive.


Anonymous said...

One time I sliced and dehydrated several buckets full of fresh picked strawberries...ended up with a few cups. Also once tried to make homeade applesauce...same result.

Some things are not worth the effort!

MotherT said...

Ah, but the taste, Ladies, the taste!!!

Chaos-Jamie said...

Fresh picked strawberries, dehydrated....I don't get it. Frozen, yes. I do it and will again and again. Dehydrated. Hmmmm. I guess someday I'll have to try a freshly dehydrated strawberry before I make a decision.

I know T which is why I bought the 18 pounds. I just thought they'd go further than a single pitcher.

Anonymous said...

Kristin loves dehydrated strawberries. They make a great snack for her. They are too "wangy" for my taste though.

I had a bunch to use up from my sister's garden. This time, I will take your advice and freeze.

Mother Mayhem said...

I find this sad for some reason. I think I'd rather just eat the oranges.