Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The First, But Not Only, Time We Cross the Desert

 The last we'll see of the Sea of Galilee. *sniff*
 Driving along the Israel/Jordan border. Razor wire. Imagine that. Lots and lots of razor wire.
 And then.....desert.
 Camels! In the desert! *gasp*
 Oasis....in the desert. Man made, I'm sure.
 Bedouin encampment....in the desert.
 Bedouin herding sheep and goats....in the desert.
 Crossing out of the West Bank. Why yes, we did. What you aren't seeing? Razor wire and Uzis.
And finally....Jerusalem.

The desert really is gorgeous in its own way.

But Jerusalem is better.

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Sr. Citizen said...

Razor wire is NOT fun - have crawled through (under) it. Repeat - NOT fun. Sr.