Monday, April 04, 2011

The Sea of Galilee (March 15)

As I'd seen where the sun went down the night before, I had a pretty good idea where the sun would come up. When I woke at 5:50, I sat bolt upright in bed, flung back the blakets and started yanking on clothes. At 5:55, Brent, who is decidedly less frantic about seeing every sunrise he can and therefore a slower dresser gave me permission to go out alone. I sprinted for the exit and was greeted by this:

 Trust me, this picture does no justice. I immediately burst into tears, it was such a gift. It brought a whole new meaning to "let heaven and nature sing." I could hear their song.
 Every morning we were in Tiberias I watched these fishermen pull in their nets just as they have done since the time of Peter.
By this time, Brent had joined me. We stood and watched the fishermen and my smart-ass husband monologued: Not getting very many fish.....(stage whisper) Throw the nets on the other side! they've never heard that one before.

He can always make me laugh so hysterically that I disturb the peace.
Our hotel. I don't have much to say about it. Except that they, too, had delicious brie, cucumbers and tomatoes for breakfast. And it was considerably nicer than our hotel in Tel Aviv. And it overlooked the Sea of Galilee, which is about the size of our local reservoir. However our room did not overlook the water. We overlooked the road on the other side.  Our breakfast room overlooked the water. We enjoyed that.

And....."It's OK. This is the Middle East, not the Middle West."

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