Wednesday, April 06, 2011

"The Jesus Boat"

"I own no wealth, I have no property, my greatest asset is my friends." And clearly, the quote(ED) is cut off in the photo. I believe it was the selfsame person the building was named for. Not that I can remember what that is either. But I thought the quote and the mosaics lovely.

 In a place filled with people who swear by the fact that Jesus prayed his last prayer on This Rock and was beaten on That Rock and was born in This Cave and placed in This Manger, it was refreshing to go to a museum with a 2000 year old boat that, while called the Jesus Boat, didn't claim to actually hold the Savior (though it that could have was emphasized).
 It was interesting to help understand the size and construction of a typical fishing boat from the times. A) Pretty small. B) pretty rickety.

 Can you imagine falling asleep on those ribs while a storm was squalling around you? This is no yacht. Jesus must have been so exhausted as to have been dead on his feet.
 And their model of what it might have looked like before 2000 years of rot set in. So maybe it was more comfortable than that shell would indicate.
 And the second most impressive thing here (behind the honesty that this probably was NOT Jesus' boat) was the gift shop. My only regret is that I didn't shop more. We bought these.

Our awesome guide Tzvi. I miss his humor. In fact I plain miss Israel, danger be darned.

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