Monday, April 18, 2011

The Jordan

 Otters. And enormous carp. And freezing cold green water. Which of these things did YOU think of when you pictured the Jordan river. Did you picture lots of trees? How big was it? Did it look like this?
 I know! It could totally be in Missouri. And this, as far as I can tell, is it's WIDEST point. To be honest, I expected a wide, shallow river in the middle of the desert. And I suppose at it's Southern point it was in the desert, but it wasn't in the sand, because, of course, it is water and things grow near the water.
 These are my friends. They got baptized with me. I can see a few got cut off. It doesn't make them any less important. If you got baptized, there is a very good chance I have photos of you dripping wet. Let me know if you want me to email you a copy. I didn't think it very nice of me to post drippy pictures without permission. I'm taking a risk posting Brent and Pastor.
 I've been redeemed! (I've been redeemed!) By the blood of the Lamb (By the blood of the Lamb)
 I've been redeemed! (I've been redeemed!) By the blood of the Lamb!
how cool is it that Brent helped baptize me?
 I've been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, filled with the Holy Ghost I am! All my sins are washed away, I've been redeemed!
 And that's not all (And that's not all). There's more besides (There's more besides).
 And that's not all (And that's not all) There's more besides
 And that's not all there's more besides, I've been to the river and I've been baptized, all my sins are washed away I've been redeemed!
Spur of the moment, Pastor got baptized, too.

 They had the baptism of Jesus story posted in every conceivable language. Including Hawaiian Pidgin, which cracked me up enough to justify it's own photo. We also have them in Hebrew, Aramaic, Chinese, Italian, etc..

You know? It may look corny. The robes, the fence to keep the carp out, everything commercialized.

It was just pretty darn cool.

As Princess said, "What an opportunity."

I agree.


Mrs. D said...

What an opportunity indeed! :) So cool.

S said...

And more crying from me. Beautiful.