Tuesday, April 12, 2011

St. Peter's Fish

So we came down the mountain and we were all starving. It was, after all, 2PM. This was a lunch time trend that we eventually got used to, but were completely unprepared here. And where did we get dumped off, but at an outdoor restaurant called St. Peter's Fish.

It was worth a laugh or two, but that's about all.

One thing I never quite got used to was the cook-the-whole-fish philosophy.

This fish was entirely unremarkable. The service was terrible. The cost was high. And lost in translation was the oft repeated statement of, "The salad bar, it is free. It is free salad. Salad is free."

They left out, "With the purchase of a fish."

The crappy salad was $11.

We saw many an amazing salad bar, this was not one of them.

The carp had teeth. And scales. And lots of bones. And zero flavor. Together with the salad, it was $22. We ate it. And paid $33. Because we got two "free" salads.

"Gratuity is not included."

If you find yourself at the Sea of Galilee, I recommend bringing a granola bar and skipping this joint.

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Liz said...

No wonder they reached in and found a gold coin ... ;)

I'm really enjoying your commentary and photos on the Holy Land. :)