Friday, April 01, 2011

Meggido, Nazareth, and the Obligatory Armed Soldier (Still March 14)

Ruins.....they all begin to look alike. But these are at Meggido, where civilization was built atop conquored civilization at a strategic crossroads. It is also very high (and grew higher with each new civilization). Standing atop, you can see how many millions of troops it would take for them to gather and fill the plains of Armageddon. And how the slaughter of them all would fill a valley with blood. It was a bit eerie. And far too peaceful for it's rep.

Something like 27 layers of civilizations.

The plains of Armageddon. Can you visualize it filled with gathered troops?

Exceedingly deep water channel. And Brent's bum.

In case you were in need of an ark of the covenant for your living room...

No clue.

Can anything good come from Nazareth?

The armed soldier strolling down the road was still a novelty at this point.
 And at about this point in the day we were thinking, "Dear Lord is this what the next two weeks are going to be? Bus, bus, bus, look around for 5 minutes, bus, stand on an overlook and freeze, bus, history lesson, bus, as we watch Israel pass by though our bus windows?" 

As it turns out, our guide was rushing us through the mediocre so that would could camp in Jerusalem. Which is where I will camp soon. :)

I miss my tour friends. Someone needs to get it when I slap a table and scream, "Shut UP!"

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