Thursday, February 23, 2006

Commit Me Now

Yesterday was a red letter day. Except, quite honestly, I have no idea what that means. I hear people say that when they've had a really great day, but I also hear people say that their checkbook is in the red and THAT is definitely bad. Anyway, besides the migraine, yesterday was really fun.

I got an email from a publicist that enjoyed a review I'd written and promised the next pre-release that author put out. This person used the letters "VIP." I liked that. It made me giddy. I've decided that I live a very limited life when I get giddy at the promise that I'll receive a pre-release several months from now.

I had a great phone conversation with a friend, who shall remain nameless for soon-to-be obvious reasons. Mid sentence, she broke off and said "Jim Bob (name has been changed to protect the innocent) are we allowed to kick balls in the house?" I heard a murmured no. "Then why are you doing it?" I heard a murmured I Don't Know. "Go to your room and sit on your bed until you can come up with a better answer." I heard wailing and gnashing of teeth dwindle as JimBob obeyed. My friend, a very sweet Christian woman, by the way, came back on the phone and said, "If he'd just say, 'because I don't give a flip what the rules are, Mom' I'd be happy. At least that would be the truth...'I don't know' now that is original, glad he put some thought into it."

Call me sadistic, but I'm glad I'm not the only one who has some really bad days with my kids. I laughed, and laughed, and laughed, came up for air gasping, then laughed some more. Every time I thought of it all day, I cracked up. Somedays the truth would be preferable to yet another non-reason for disobedience.

An overwhelming headache attacked me and my five year old chose to act responsibly and get snacks and movies for the littler ones while I rested.

I got a UPS package containing Colleen Coble's Alaska Twilight not yet released. (I'll tell you about it in a couple days.)

I had a great day with the kids. We played. We cleaned up. We made a huge web.

It was 55 degrees outside.

The Olympics are on.

I laughed a lot.

And today, I woke up surly. Yahoo isn't letting me post to my online group, but I'm getting all their mail. I feel left out. I thought my daughter's dance class ended today (so there was supposed to be a program and I made my boys sit through the whole class instead of going to the library) but it didn't, there was no program and my boys will have to sit through next weeks class also. And I have another migraine. I just don't see them letting me retreat to my bed again today. And my husband probably won't be home before the kids go to bed.

You'd think days could even out a little better than that. I'm going to go have a Pepsi.

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