Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Alaska Twilight

I just realized this is the third of the four authors of Girls Write Out that I've commented on in, what, two weeks? I may as well round it out and find a copy of Hot Flashes and Cold Cream by Diann Hunt, huh? I hoped I would win in on Camy's blog, but no luck. Man, I have trouble staying on topic, don't I?

So, first update, no bad dreams last night. Phew. I don't have bad dreams when I finish Colleen's books because the bad guys (and in this case bad bears) always die or get caught. The good guys live and fall in love. Heavenly. Don't you wish all of life could be so easily resolved?

Easily? Readers of Alaska Twilight are shaking their heads in wonder at what I just called "easy." Tee-hee.

As I've come to recognize in the romantic suspense category, the bad guy is someone you don't expect it to be (but I sit and wait for it to be exactly that person because everyone else looks like a bad guy, she says proudly).

But what brought the most delight to me were the little details in this book. The baggage. The plot within plot. The seeming unconnected details that form one massive plot. And somehow Colleen brings them all together to form a coherent whole. She must not be a SOTP writer! I am always in awe of writers that can bring fifteen plotlines together and make it make sense in the end.

I also got a kick out of the cameo appearances. Bree and Samson showed up (Colleen's Rock Harbor Series. Actually they show up in the Aloha Reef Series, also). Hey when you've got a good thing going and the best rescue dog in the world, why mess with it? But also Savannah of Savannah from Savannah (Denise Hildreth) fame. You know, when you've read all the books (and like I said yesterday, begin to accept them as reality) those people are real to you. Of course they should show up in books. You think, "Wow! They know Savannah too! How handy that Bree just happened to be in Alaska with Samson when the girls went missing!"

Maybe I need to get out more.

And one more cameo that Colleen didn't intend, I'm sure, is Chugach. I believe Colleen mentioned the Chugach mountains. My brother in law works for Chugach, the company, the Floridian branch. I learned only last year that this company was based in Alaska when my sister got to go up there and touch a glacier. But while I was reading, I went, "Oh, so that's why it's named that!" You learn something new everyday.

Readers of romantic suspense will want to pick up this book. It's a cheap vacation to the Alaskan bush. Of course now I want to go even more than I did before, but we won't go there...

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Colleen Coble said...

Jaime, what a great review! I should package you up. LOL

Colleen Coble said...

And then I spelled your name wrong. I should be shot!

Chaos-Jamie said...

Funny, I didn't even notice! LOL!