Wednesday, March 01, 2006


You know, I just don't feel like being funny today. I feel like pouring my heart out in frustration (actually may do that), but my most faithful readers are four of the people who most hope I'll give them a smile today. So this if for you and you know why. The rest of you, please pray for my family, we could use some encouragement and pray for my sister who needs to hear a good report tomorrow.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

I'm sure it is spelled Phyche! but I was a youngun in the 80s when Sike! was the catch phrase and we not only didn't know what Sike! was short for, we couldn't tell you what Psyche(ology) was. Not really. So, at least those of us in grade and middle school spelled it Sike!

So I entered two children's book contests last fall. The finalists for the first one were supposed to be notified on January 6th. If you weren't a finalist, you didn't get notified. No web address to check, no "I'm sorry "email, no nothin. I guess WestBow spoiled me with the WORLDview thingie, man we knew it and we knew it instantly. Actually I knew it much later than a lot of other people becaues I didn't get my email until about 10:30 at night and they apparently posted it earlier in the evening on the blog (which I didn't check). But this Scholastic contest, they only notified the finalists.

I hoped. I dreamed. I prayed. And when the mailman pulled up in front of my house and got out of his mail truck, I screamed. Think: certified mail.

Nope. Package for my husband.

Then, ten minutes later when DHL pulled into my driveway. I screamed again. And sprinted out the the DHL guy with a huge grin.

Nope. Package for my husband.

Four minutes later (I do not lie) when FedEx stopped in front of my house, I looked at my kids with a wide eyed expression, then raced out to meet him.

Nope. Package for my husband.

So. That's what I call build up for serious failure. I still had one left. UPS always drives past my house at just before 2 pm. Here he comes.....there he goes. And I gave up. I finally found the list of winners a couple weeks ago, but man, I had to work hard to get it. And, shocker, I wasn't on the list.

Anyway, today, March 1, the second contest is supposed to be announced. Except the rules say winners will be notified by March 1. Does that mean that winners would have been notified say, Monday?

Guess who pulled into my driveway? DHL. I've stopped screaming everytime he drives up. For one, I think he sees me as just a little off my rocker. But I did race out to meet him (sans screaming).

Right address. Wrong label. Street, not Terrace, fool!

I'll be doing the mailbox dance today. The way I see it, postman will be here about 10:30, DHL 10:40, FedEx 10:45, UPS 1:58. Otherwise, I'll be camped in front of my computer hoping for the email.

Please, oh please, oh please.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jamie. I smiled today.