Monday, March 06, 2006

Novellas and Nonsense

I've decided that I don't care for novellas. At least the novellas that fit four to the book and have large print. Sometimes I like the idea behind the novella. Sometimes I can enjoy a phrase or two from the novella. I even enjoy the fact that if I start a novella, I know I can finish it before the day is out. And I distinctly remember enjoying the Victorian Christmas novella collection that I found after I read Kristin Billerbeck's What a Girl Wants because I couldn't get enough of her and that is the only other book with her name that popped up at our library. (It didn't satisfy my craving for her distinct style, BTW...but I did enjoy it.)

No, novellas don't have enough time to develop the character, the relationship, the why. I finished The Bachelor Club last night and I was so glad to be done. I really enjoyed the prologue. I enjoyed the idea. I did not enjoy how quickly they "fell in love." Like, three weeks? Wow. Doesn't seem like enough time to develop a life-long relationship. Granted the guys were all pushing thirty. Granted one of them knew the girl "forever." (Actually, that one I can understand.) I don't know, I really can't complain about the stories. The were relatively well written. They didn't insult my values. I just never got the time to develop any feelings for the characters. Just when I started to enjoy someone, we went on the the next couple.

Therefore, I don't think I like novellas.

Now, besides that. I have been obsessively checking my email like I'm just sure something of excitement (or depression) is on its way. I admit I'm waiting on news, but I expect that is coming over the phone line and wouldn't come until about now. So how do I account for my email obsession over the weekend?

Someone send me some news. It's driving me crazy!

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