Thursday, March 23, 2006


I'm not sure who is suffering the greater case: me, or my children. But my Mother-in-Law leaves tonight and I'm sure the recovery will be prolonged and painful. No longer can I run out to the store alone when the sun is still in the sky. No longer can I (not intentionally) leave the nasty crockpot in the sink and come back into the kitchen to find it clean. No longer can I step out to rehearsal and come home to find my children bathed and dressed for bed. No longer can I justify eating a cookie because someone else made it. No longer can I type my whole blog without getting someone juice.


No longer can my children have a fit to get what they want (quit smirking Amy!). No longer can my children have cookies for breakfast. No longer will we rent all the new children's videos and watch them ad nauseum. No longer can they stay up way past their bedtime. No longer can they have a meal consisting completely of french fries. No longer can the words, "I want...." produce the thing they want. No longer will their rooms be cleaned up for them (well, maybe). No longer can whining about a meal that looks healthy produce an alternative. No longer will they have a constant play companion over the height of five feet.

Man, tomorrow will be painful for all of us. And yet...

I won't have to beg her to stop doing the dishes so that I can watch American Idol. I mean who can sit on her lazy butt in front of the boob tube when her mother-in-law is slaving away in the kitchen? I won't have to throw in a load of laundry every time I descend the stairs to check my email so that I look like I'm being productive. Although, at some point I think we crossed over from, Boy Jamie is being really productive to Dang, how much backlog of laundry did she have anyway? Never mind that if three socks are the same color, that justifies a load at this point.

Not that she would ever say such a thing, but I have a vivid imagination of what I would be thinking. If she read this she would probably be horrified that I would think such a thing. You can't win.

And just so that I can be clear, this was to make fun of me, not her. I have the best Mother-in-Law on the planet. And I'm not just saying that in case she reads this.

Of course I would have to give her the web addy. [Mua-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!]

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