Saturday, March 04, 2006

A Little Humor, A Little Depth

Tonight I stood at a birthday party for a friend who turned 50 this week. How did I get so old that I have friends who turn 50? But that isn't the point. As I stood at this party, a friend (not yet 50) and I discussed mamograms. Bad ones and good ones and whether a geriatric doctor has any business doing an exam on a nursing mom because they just feel different--i.e. lumpy, therefore suspicious--we decided no. But since he ordered a mamogram, she had one. Apparently while the radiologist took the films for her she asked him, "Could I get one of those in wallet size for my husband?"

Oh, trust me, her delivery made it hilarious. I laughed and laughed. More than I laughed about the mood ring last weekend. Just when I decided to quit laughing, I started again. I got myself under control when she told me, "He wasn't amused." I roared. I almost wet my pants. No, I imagine a man wouldn't be amused.

All this because I told her I didn't feel my feminity was wrapped up in my chest and that I would go without if I had to...all the time thinking, "But I'm not so sure how my husband would feel." On the way home my husband was talking business--I have no idea--and my mind went back to the conversation and I began to grin.


"My mind was somewhere else." Started chuckling. Told him. Roared again. I think I'll laugh about that one until I'm 50.

On a deeper note, I found this blog today from a sister ACFWer and it is awesome. I think it is titled "Why I Believe in God." I highly recommend you go over and read it.

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