Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Have You Seen My Marbles?

Because I've officially lost them.

My husband and I are seriously considering (so seriously, in fact that he's probably on the phone with the banker now) moving. And not moving up, mind you. Moving to a less desirable location, where property taxes are higher, away from the swimming pools and shopping, away from blue ribbon schools, away from our church, to a home that is in worse shape.

It is basically a lateral move in mortgage, square footage and bedrooms. It is a move down in woodwork, kitchen(ack!!), busyness of road, off sewer on to septic, bedroom size, bathrooms (though there are more toilets, fewer showers) and there is a chicken farm next door. What we would get though is three acres, a huge basement that can be finished to add four more bedrooms and a game room, and potential.

Yikes! When I write it like that I know I've lost my marbles. What are we thinking? And yet, I know we will continue to progress forward.

It just all doesn't add up. The house should be worth more. And though I am totally freaked out, I think this is a God thing. I told Hubby last night during out "why does this look like too good of a deal to pass up?" conversation, "Maybe this is a huge gift from God and we are just too daft to recognize it."

I pray that if it isn't, God will slap us silly and shock us out of our insanity.

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