Sunday, March 26, 2006

I Promise I Didn't Breathe a Word

So get this, Friday night my daughter comes schlumping into her brothers' bedroom while I read to them at bedtime. Now she'd already had her stories, but I don't mind if she wants to mooch off theirs usually so I glanced up with my most welcoming mom face (not the get-back-in-bed scowl).

"I'm lonely in my room."

"Well, bring you pillow and blanket and come in here. We just started The Great Brain. You can read with us." (shameless plug, but it is so good! Um, with caveats. We don't read it all to them. Don't turn you seven year old loose on it. This is a family read aloud.)

"But I want a sister to share my room." (raised eyebrows)

"Oh, you do, huh?"

"Yep. We can just move some of my toys out and you can put her crib in there." (crib? I thought she meant a playmate, not a baby! Do you know how long it's been since we've had a crib set up in our house?)

"Well that sounds great honey, but I don't know where she's gonna come from."

"Well, Mom, we just go to the orphanage and pick one out."

Would that I were making this up. Does this sound like confirmation to you? Holey schmoley. She's talked about getting a big sister before. She's talked about moving her cousin into her room, but a baby? This is new. And she didn't tell me to just grow one in my tummy.

And lest you question me, I am certain I didn't mention my desire for a baby to her.

Now tell me, where is there an orphanage in the US? Where is this baby coming from? Lots of questions. Still waiting on the answers. But I do know this. God cares for the orphan, and he's put that passion in my family. Hopefully soon it will all become clear.

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