Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Mail Call!

I had an interesting mail day yesterday. A whole lot of nothing, but interesting nonetheless.

First, there was a letter from the organization who sponsored the children's book contest I obsessed about last week. My heart skipped a beat. Could someone have turned them down and I was a runner up? What could it be?

My official notice that I was not accepted for publication. A vanity publisher they are not. How nice that I got official notice that I'm a loser. Scholastic could learn a lesson or two from them.

Second, I got a manila, book shaped package. As I am expecting one from my review site, Armchair Interviews, I told my son he could open it (it is middle reader fiction and therefore for him, really). He pulled it out and it was a book that I wasn't expecting. I looked at it, puzzled, grabbed it, turned it over and then my body took over. An unexpected giggle erupted from me and I did a little hop skip.

Silly me thought, Ohmygosh! People are just sending me books to review! I am some-BODY! I grabbed up the phone and dialed my husband to share my good fortune. Mid ring I realized it was a book that the author promised to send if I helped with ideas for a booth last month. "I" being anyone on the ACFW loop with an idea worthy enough of a free book. I guess mine was. Oh well, I still got a free book, but my pride is again in tatters. Oh, and get this: Infertility book. Whaddayaknow? I'll tell you about it next week.

Third, I got notice that a review I wrote will be published in the April edition of Book Talk News...And I get paid for it! And my father-in-law said you don't make any money reading books.

Still reading Happily Ever After by Susan May Warren. I thought I was done with romance after the last one, but this is a cute story so far.

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