Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Saving Grace


Last year when I started my novel, I did searches all over the place for "Christian Infertility fiction." Zip, Nada, Nothing. No, that's not true. "The Pearl" by Angela Hunt popped up. And don't get me wrong, it was good. But it wasn't really about infertility so much as cloning. That girl had issues, but her issues weren't recurring every 28 days if you know what I mean. And this isn't about Angela's book, now is it? So on to Denise.

When I was at the ACFW conference in September, I picked up Denise Hunter's Saving Grace. Interestingly, it is book two in a series (gonna have to go back and buy book one) and it doesn't "look" like a book I would necessarily buy. The cover is kinda suspenseful-ish. But something made me pick it up (I'm remembering the old SNL scene with the old lady (who I think was a man in reality) saying, "Could it be SA-tan?" Could it be God?). Anyway, last week on the ACFW loop, as happens about once a quarter, someone started the "untouchable topics" topic and this book came up for infertility. I thought, hmmmm, I think I have that one. And I went and pulled it out.

Wow. I'm glad I did. It was a great book.

When she described Paula in the restroom just after she realized she wasn't pregnant, it was right on. I just shook my head. So much conversation went on on the loop along the lines of, it isn't the issue, it's you, and when I read that scene, I knew they were right. Then I finished the book and most of it wasn't about Paula--at least not in a way that I would call it competition or already been done.

Whew. Because I wouldn't want to be up against that.

But this book was a beautiful story of redemption, forgiveness, and grace. And it painted an awesome picture of adoption. (Another one of my goals) I'm not going to tell you any more of the plot because that is what makes it so stinkin' good.

Great book, Denise. I look forward to book 3

If you want to read more about Denise or her books, go to:
or her blog which she shares with more that one talented author (and is hilarious)

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