Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Valentine's Day Nightmare

We never do anything for Valentine's Day. I think it stems back to our very first V-day celebration, or lack there-of when my then boyfriend of less than a week apologized profusely for not getting me anything. I was rather ecstatic a the time because we lived in a small town and I hadn't even picked up a card for him. "Great! Me either!" Long convoluted story that, of course, ends up with anger and flowers. Me angry because he keeps saying stupid things like, "I can't believe you are mad that I didn't get you anything." I wasn't mad that he didn't get me anything. I was mad that he thought I was that shallow. Actually, I also got the flowers that he intended to get me anyway, which was supposed to be funny.

I laugh now.

Regardless, V-day isn't that big of a deal for us. So when a friend calls and asks if we can get together at my house in the evening, my answer is "Of course. We never do anything for Valentine's day."

And when the receptionist at the dentists office says "I have an appointment next Tuesday....But it's Valentine's Day." I respond, "No big deal. Just another day."

When a friend sends out a list of days that another unwell friend needs meals brought to her, I look at the list and think "I'll do V-day. Everyone else will be busy."

And when the Bible study coordinator says, "Our next meeting is on Valentine's Day...Does that work for everyone?" You know my answer.

Guess what day was my mother's birthday?

And I am expected to cook my husband's favorite meal on Valentines day even if we don't really do anything.

Guess how many writing contests had due dates of February 14th? Two. Yes, two. And one required a visit to the Post Office. And I forgot to put the check in the package. I did. The postal worker took pity on me and dug it back out, opened it, and let me stick a check in without touching the contents.

And I had a book due at the library.

I'm so glad it's the 15th. I'm not going anywhere.

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