Thursday, June 08, 2006

Entrepreneurial Marriage

Thirteen Things about being married to an entrepreneur

1. It makes you one by default
2. Because if you aren't supportive, you're supporting
3. You better live below your means
4. Because you never know when your means won't be.
5. You can't hate your spouse's boss.
6. Days off whenever you need them
7. But never when you want them
8. Like July 4, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Christmas Day, Sunday
9. No health insurance
10. But you may pay quite a sum into a share program
11. You will hear about little else
12. When thing are good, they are really, really good
13. And when they are bad, they are horrid.

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1 comment:

Julie Carobini said...

You're too creative :-) Here's hoping for all the upsides, and less of the downs.