Saturday, June 24, 2006

Midwest Bloggers

Insane. I have to say it. And a little star-struck. For a person who gets elated if I have more than two comments on my posts (and I'm not one of the two) it can be a little intimidating to walk into a room to meet ROCKS IN MY DRIER, CHILIHEAD, AND EVERYDAYMOMMY! And, what, 25 other bloggers that live in my neck of the woods.

And the sweet looks of I-have-no-idea-what-your-blog-is-about-but-welcome-anyway were awfully nice. "So, Jamie, what is your blog?" ... "Oh."


Anyway, there were more people there than I met. A lot of blogs that I haven't seen. More that I'll try to get to. And I took no photos (no camera). But if you are interested in such information, bo to another one of those lovely ladies that I linked up to. I'm sure they'll put something up.

Good times to be had, my friends, good times.

Oh, and since I didn't know that you could keep track of the number of times I hit your blog, and how long I spent there, I feel the need to explain to anyone who comes wondering who in the heck visited their blog a bajillion times today, it was because I first was trying to find all the people I met today and I only know how to get to a couple sites so I had to keep going back and second, trying to get the links right. I have you bookmarked and therefore don't know the addy.

I'm not a sweaty guy in a t-shirt, after all.


Camy Tang said...

LOL! Sounds like you had fun!

Michelle- This One's for the Girls said...

Hey Jamie-

Well, you have to start somewhere!!! So glad you came to the luncheon and I know you'll be getting lots of comments soon from all of the sweet bloggers you met yesterday.

Thanks for stopping by and giving me your url!

Chilihead2 said...

It was so wonderful to meet you! I wish we could have all stayed together longer. Maybe next time! I've added you (and many others!) to my Bloglines now. I'll be back!

kpjara said...

Hello Jamie! I had a great time "riding" you about lurking and cyber-stalking and all that crazy blog-etiquette that drives me crazy! Don't sweat it...unless the Blog Society of America (or George W Bush) decides to fine you for lurking!

I'm definitely going to have to link you just based on some of the things you said!


Aunt Murry said...

Hi Jamie,
We talked oh so briefly, mostly I listened when you were talking to KPJARA. But it was nice to meet you! I'm glad you came! Next time I'll have to make it a point to say hello!

Shalee said...

It was a blast to meet you! Next time I'll host a cookout at my house and we won't have to be chased away from the restaurant. Thant will make things so much easier...