Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My Flowerbeds. E-Gad!

Thirteen Things about my flowerbeds

1. They are currently full of Asiatic Lilies
2. Mostly yellow
3. A few are orange.
4. I know I planted Stargazers
5. I could have sworn there were more daylilies.
6. Because Asiatic fall over as soon as they bloom
7. I know I planted Orientals also.
8. Don't they look different from Asiatic?
9. No wonder they were on clearance last year.
10. Calla Lilies are only pretty in a bouquet.
11. Otherwise they lay over in the dirt.
12. I think rose bushes are on clearance at Home Depot.
13. I wonder when they close?

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1 comment:

the lizness said...

At least you have flowerbeds. I tend to kill plants. I'm up