Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ever Have One of Those Days?

1. Where the neck pain you've been fighting
2. Moves to the other side
3. Just when you thought it was getting better
4. So you can't turn your head
5. And it's hard to hold it up
6. When you're making coffee
7. Cramps all the way into your scull
8. So you call the chiropractor
9. Even though you know he won't be able to do anything
10. Because you hurt so bad
11. But he obligatorily pops your lower back
12. As if that might help
13. Then charges you
14. And send you home with a cervical collar
15. But you still are an unsafe driver
16. And ice just barely helps?
17. And your list goes well beyond 13
18. Because it's just one of those days.
19. Praying tomorrow is better.


Julie Carobini said...

ugh. Hate that. Maybe it's time to lay around and be pampered? Let me know if the collar brings on the sympathy and I'll run out and get one

Feel better.

kpjara said...

One of my greatest fears is I'll get one of those collars they use on dogs so they don't lick and bite themselves...and start bumping into things!

I hope and PRAY today is better! Lord let the chaos be minimal and the survival be 'thriving'!

Chaos-Jamie said...

HA! I wrote skull as scull. Now you know how I feel!

And NO, I have garnered NO SYMPATHY. What's up with that?