Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What Do These Things Have in Common?

1. I am incapable of keeping a secret.
2. Just typing the word zucchini makes me gag.
3. I'm not looking so great in a bathing suit.
4. If I ever eat curry again, it will be too soon.
5. I got outed yesterday at playgroup.
6. My friends will all soon be lending me clothes.
7. I made my children dance.
8. I am no longer on the hunt for a brown baby.
9. I would drink lemonade 24/7.
10. Just seeing the bottle of Spicy Montreal Steak Spice made me heave.
11. My in-laws have threatened to stop keeping the kids for us.
12. I've given up caffeine.
13. I'm bubbly.

Gold star for correct guesses (as if it isn't obvious!).


the lizness said...

Are you PREGNANT!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bun in the oven, I'd say!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

Abby is only 7 months old (as of tomorrow!) and I'm already longing to be pregnant again. NOT to gain another 75 pounds, but just to have that going on in my life--the excitement, the anticipation, the pampering from everyone. :)

I'm jealous over here! Congrats again!!


Keisha said...


Julie Carobini said...

CONGRATULATIONS! How sweet is this? Will you be writing mom-lit now??

Melanie Dickerson said...

Jamie's pregnant!!!!!!!!
Whew, girl, you're so much braver than me!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jamie!!! I can't believe that I didn't figure that out from one of your posts a while back. I can be dense :>)

Your lurker friend,


kpjara said...

Congratulations! Is this #3? You are blessed among women!

Chaos-Jamie said...

Yes, it is true. Preggers, knocked up, bun in the oven, glowing, pregnant.

And I'm so excited. Strange considering this one will most definately NOT be brown. I'm having a slight case of what a good friend of mine calls "adoption miscarriage" because I know it is off the books for at least two years, but heck, I'm young.

And actually, though this is my third biological child, I now have 4.

Hey, I just figured out I could qualify to blog for largerfamilies,com now!

Sarah said...


Chilihead2 said...

Yay! How exciting!