Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Battle of the Wills Take 2

I confessed to Hubs last night my battle of the wills post (since he doesn't read the blog--though one must wonder why--free insight into my mind--no comments--but that's just me). He said, "Boy that's accurate."

Seems he surrendered his own battle a couple days ago.

But I contend that:

1. Charming was playing with the Q-tips and leaving them on the floor would (hopefully) prevent him from dumping out 25 more later in the day/week.

2. When the baby makes a mess, it is ANYONE's job to pick up after him, not just the mom's.

Which, therefore, negates the battle on principle alone. On the other hand, if one leaves his wife for a few days to go to San Francisco, one should, on principle, unpack his own bag. Especially if he is going to want those clothes clean eventually. And I'm not talking with a 24 hour notice, because, as most wives know, we rarely get 24 hours notice. We usually get about 3.2 minutes notice that they need something to be wearable. And not just something, but the linen, tan, cuffed pants.

Now if said husband were to take the wife along on his business trips to exotic locations where she just happens to have an old roommate living...I'm just saying, the battle would have been moot.


the lizness said...

ROFL that is so funny

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Did he come back with flowers in his hair?