Monday, December 03, 2007

The Shoe Binge

Feeling very proud of myself, I returned $50 worth of clothes to Kohl's today.

Just because the pants are "long enough" isn't reason to keep them, if you need a wide angle lens to capture the front and hind view. (I'm sure it is the print and style of the trousers, and not the 3-4 pounds lost that look like 15 gained).

Nor do we need to keep the basketball shoes purchased for Princess without her there that she thinks she will outgrow "soon" (which I translate into "I like the fact that I got new shoes, Mom, and I'll wear them, but they are a tad tight, and I'll get new ones when they are too tight to cram my pigs into, right") but is happy to wear. (And happier still that I picked up a second pair in a larger size that look more boyish, but are light, easy to run in and far more comfortable on the pigs.)

And since I was in the store anyway, and Frodo wanted to look at shoes for some reason, I stopped by the clearance racks in a size 8.5.

Oh. My. Stars.

How do you say no?

I would linky up, but they don't even have them on their web site. But suffice it to say, the money I gained on the returns, the store got right back.

But I would rather have my navy blue pumps (that sounds so boring, trust me, they are awesome), my black peek toe sandals, my ivory wedges, and my Cinderella shoes, than those wide angle trousers any day.

Did I just post on my blog that I spent $50 on shoes?



the lizness said...

we would so have it made as neighbors, but my feet in your shoes would be like Princess in her basketball shoes. I'm 9.5, but 10 right now with my swell pregnant feet.

mommy4life said...

I'd say 4 pair of shoes for $50 was a good deal any day!! Feel proud of your bargains.....