Wednesday, December 19, 2007


The kids have taken to playing tag around the house. Most of the time, I encourage this because they aren't begging to watch a movie and our house is built on a "circle" so they can run loops relatively easily.

If you have smallish children you know that tag isn't about tag so much as it is about base. They dash from one base to another and hope against hope they don't get tagged by IT.

My kids have a new system of base. Base is a color. Hopefully not chartreuse. They did this so that there is a base in every room if they look hard enough.

Last week, base was brown.

They dashed from the couch, to the book cases, to the table while Eldest, who was IT, tried to tag them. (Yet, for some reason, they all missed the fact that all of my flooring is brown. I didn't point it out.)

All of a sudden I hear hysterical giggling. I walked around the corner to discover Eldest, standing with his arms splayed, unable to tag Princess and Frodo, who had each placed a hand upon his arms.

Not only was he IT, he was base.

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