Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Iced In

Last night I got to fall asleep to the sound of my tree limbs breaking and crashing down around us. Standard fare considering our trees are huge and old and it was exactly 32.5 degrees out. The liquid fell from the sky and froze upon us.

Oddly enough my basement flooded.

I ask you, how can the water freeze on individual blades of grass and yet seep into the basement?

No, I do NOT want a scientific answer. Basement seepage is only allowed in the Spring and then only in other people's basements.

Charming was up four times in the night.

I dreamed that Hubs and I had this massive fight back in our hometown in front of a lot of people.

And we were stuck in the house together all day. Do you know how hard it is to forgive that man for things he does in my dreams? He hates it when I snarl at him in the morning, "You'll never believe what you said to me last night!"

But the reason I'm really not rested is because I have no Christmas present for Princess. Zip, zilch, nada. Every idea I come up with, Hubs nixes or someone else already got. I am fresh out. I lay awake last night obsessing about it. I've searched web sites for hours. I've stood at stores and stared at shelves. I'm at a total loss.

Six year old female. Should be easy right? Not. She is one unique (and awesome) chick and she deserves one unique (and awesome) gift. Just one. That's all I'm really after. She will get her socks and toothbrush and chapstick and candy in her stocking. Her robe. Her Chuck-e-cheese gift card (that when put together with her brothers' will just cover our trip over during the holiday week). But not something she would really love and play with on "Christmas" day. (Which for us is December 22 or so.)

Ideas? And don't give me the obvious stuff. She doesn't need clothes. She doesn't need another Barbie. She doesn't want more Polly pockets. I'm talking something for the smart, creative, imaginative type who is still all girl.


Anonymous said...

A doll house?

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

The water did only seep in other people's basements, which is why it seeped into you basement and not mine. I think, maybe I should check. Tell hubs that next time he decides to have an argument with you in your dreams, to at least have the decency to do it in private. I hate when the wife is mad at me for her dreams. She has a hard time getting over my rudeness in her dreams also. I have a hard time with the thought that she could dream that I am a jerk sometimes. How far fetched is that? I have no gift ideas.

mamashine said...

Did you have Fashion Plates when you were a kid? I LOVED mine when I was about her age. You mix and match the plates to create outfits, and do rubbings and cut them out and color them. There was a monster maker too for the boys, and I think I had a greeting card maker also with happy birthday plates and such.

I'm all about the art supplies- a necklace bead kit? Something to put together?

mommy4life said...

Have you seen that "Illustory" kit, where the child writes their own book and illustrates it and you mail it in the postpaid envelope to be printed and bound?

We haven't tried it, but it does sound intriguing.....( I bet I just misspelled that....)

the lizness said...

definitely art supplies. Go to Michael's or something to get some ideas. :) good luck with that!