Saturday, December 01, 2007

You've Gotta Admit, That Was Pretty Cool.

In the Jimmy Neutron movie, Jimmy's dad and mom are always at odds when Jimmy is doing something dangerous. Dad's always saying "cool" and Mom is always scowling at Dad who follows his "cool" up with "and very dangerous."

Of course Jimmy, being a boy, and being a genius, continues his dangerous ways.

I can't remember the scene, but Jimmy does something dangerous. Jimmy's dad looks at Jimmy's mom and says to her, "You've gotta admit, that was pretty cool."

A guy who gave his name and I don't remember it at all, but I think it might have been Phil, from a conservative group like the Family Research Council, but again I don't remember so it may have been George from Conservatives R Us, called because he liked my article. From Philadelphia, PA. Unless it was Pittsburgh, PA. (I was distracted, I expected a telemarketer.)

You've gotta admit, that is pretty cool.

When I wrote the article, Hubs told me it was my most powerful yet. I wasn't so sure. But I'm starting to believe it. Not that that says much, considering I'm not even up to 10 yet.

An interesting thing about this piece is that I submitted it about two days before my computer crashed so I don't even have a copy. I haven't read it in months. I don't even really remember what it said. And I haven't received my copies yet, because they printed it in the mid-life and beyond magazine and they send me parents. And people are commenting on it when they call and I don't remember it well enough to respond. Except I lived it and probably was feeling positive about being married to an entrepreneur on the day I wrote it.

But people calling expect me to be a grandmother, so I'm curious whether I sound like I've lived most of a life. (Though I will be the first to say that this life I lead sometimes feels like I put in double. Especially when we can go multiple months without a paycheck.)

Any-hoo. I now have 5 fans.

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