Monday, December 17, 2007

I'm Noticing a Trend

in my closet.

I have four or five shirts, all in the same color family, that I wear until they are gone, then fret that I have "nothing" to wear until they are clean again.

Dusty Red. Or maybe Dusty Maroon. Of the Rose family. Everything from a kind of baby pink (my least favorite) to full on red (though I don't have much full on red).

Is it because I've decided the pinks go with everything? I don't know.

When I turned 30 I "discovered my inner pink." Until then I knew I was a girl, I liked men (well, my man), but wasn't much of a girlie girl. I didn't "get" shoes. I didn't "get" chocolate. Never had a pedicure (still haven't, but intend to "someday"). Didn't have "girlfriends" (working on that, but it is hard to establish girlfriends when you've never been a very good one because you used to never trust women). Wore mostly Hubs clothes and tennis shoes. So....

I awakened there at the end of my 20s realizing that I kinda liked shoes (make that LOVE in the love-inanimate-objects-kinda-way) and skirts and pretty jewelry and girlfriends and PINK.

Rather, dusty rose.

I find it humorous that I wore blue for 29.5 years and now I wear the same five pink shirts over and over again.

(Of course, I'm wearing blue stripes and running shoes today, Go Figure.)

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