Monday, January 28, 2008

Speaking of Birth Control

Would you consider it a good time or a bad time to seriously consider sterilization when you've been up more times in a night with a baby than there are hours?

I personally think it a bad time because I'm too emotional to make a rational decision that will impact the rest of my life. On the other hand, I can't think of a more logical time to consider such a step than in the throes of the insanity of it all.

Of course this morning I have three children who spiked a fever, too. That might have a bit of an impact on my logic.

But then there is the lady I sat next to at a meeting yesterday who talked about how overwhelmed she was with her two girls and now wishes she'd had a lot more kids. That's the story I keep hearing. Which makes me hesitant to make any permanent decisions before my youngest (whomever that should be) is about 10.

Of course all those families associated with Princess's basketball team with a span of children close to 20 years with a major break between the second to last and the last....well, it makes me, um, nervous.

Not that it matters as my insurance most decidedly does not cover any sterilization procedures and I decidedly do NOT have the cash for the procedure anyway.

I'm just saying.

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meg duerksen said...

my just know when you know.
but craig knew alot sooner than me. so what does that say? not much i guess.
but i just had this desire in me that i wanted more. then after was gone.
i still think "oh...sweet baby." but not like before.
i see pregnant ladies and think "ahhh" but not like before when i would just yearn to be pregnant again.

but what do i know?
we live in a nut house.

miss you.
had dinner with taryn, vaughn, ty and roxi last week.
did you see kristy mohn adn lori classen comment on my challenge post? small world!
hope your kids are better soon.
it's the worst time of motherhood.
that and teenagers.